At Environmental Construction Solutions, we’re not just concerned with the safe removal of harmful substances like asbestos, lead paint and mold, we’re also dedicated to putting your home back together after an extensive removal/abatement project.

Some of our additional services include roof installation, masonry, siding and other home improvement services, including kitchen and bathroom renovations.

The experts at Environmental Construction Solutions can provide some of the following roofing services:

  • Shingle installation or repair
  • Vent installation or replacement
  • Flashing to prevent water penetration
  • Fascia installation
  • Gutter installation or repair

Other threats to the home include an over abundance of birds on a property, including gulls nesting on rooftops or sparrows and other types of birds nesting in a home.

Our proven bird control system, including the use of ground traps or individual cages, is guaranteed to control pigeons, sparrows, sterlings, gulls and geese. We use humane, approved methods of baiting and trapping birds so that future bird infestations can be avoided and your home remains a bird-free environment.

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